Facebook Security Tip

If you have a Facebook page (as opposed to Personal Profile):

You need to change a setting so you don’t get hacked:

While on FB, look at your URL address [the very top box on your screen]. If you see “http:” instead of “https:” then you DO NOT have a secure session & can be HACKED.

Go to Accounts – Account Settings – Security – click Change, Check box [secure browsing], click Save.

FaceBook has automatically set it on the Non-Secure Setting

We ‘Like’ this: Irish are 4th biggest users of Social Networks

IRISH PEOPLE ARE some of those most likely in Europe to access socialnetworks such as Facebook and Twitter according to a new survey.

Some 68 per cent of us who use the internet are likely to use social networks, the fourth highest in Europe, with Irish people the third most likely to share photographs and videos online ..read more

Article courtesy of  Hugh O’Connell  from  TheJournal.ie

Social Media Usage In Ireland

Have a look at this info-graphic video(less than 3 mins) to see how many people are using digital channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in Ireland and what exactly they are using them for.

Thanks to Edelman’s Digital team in Dublin, Piaras Kelly and Eoin Dowling,for kindly allowing us to use their informative piece. If you are interested in finding out more: dublin@edelman.com